Writer’s Choice

On the first Monday of each month, instead of an assignment, we have what we call “Writers Choice.” For this we each choose our own topic. It could be an older piece of writing that we’ve never read to the group, or something new. Sometimes we do an earlier assignment that we missed, or we may bring a current work in progress.

Sweet Memories

by Randy Munch On a driving vacation with our daughter and her husband we toured through Germany, Austria, and Hungary. While in Budapest we learned that the company that our daughter worked for had staff located there who reported directly to her. They insisted on showing us around the city. They arranged a candle lite … Continue reading Sweet Memories

Christmas Letter

by Randy Munch Well here I am writing my inaugural Christmas letter. My dearest spouse insists that only a total social Philistine would refuse to dispatch greetings to his family and friends at this special time of the year. As such I am composing with some fancy font to add a more personal touch and … Continue reading Christmas Letter

What’s in a Name

by Randy Munch Two of my daughters who are currently successful professionals in the IT industry attended Bedford Road collegiate which is a high school in a Canadian city of about 200,000. It was one of six high schools in the city and one of two that had a higher enrollment of First Nation students. … Continue reading What’s in a Name

An Airplane’s Orchestra

The airplane’s landing gear drops, kerplunk          All passengers, as if on cue, jump.              As it descends to the landing strip,           nervous passengers tighten their grip.    The wheels hit the ground, a loud thump they make        and screech as the pilot pumps the brakes. A chorus of cell phones when turned on, chromatic dings creating a … Continue reading An Airplane’s Orchestra

Old man wisdom

July 31, 2022 / Henry Dumas By Henry Dumas As you may expect, I filled my life with things I wouldn’t do again, as well as things I wish I had done. These are the consequences of never really growing up. There are things in my life for which I would appreciate a magic make … Continue reading Old man wisdom

Turnabout Is Fair Play

June 4, 2022. By Henry Dumas  “You look like crap; do you still want to go duck hunting?” Steven asked. “I worked a double shift at the warehouse. Came home and fell asleep on the couch with my clothes on. Now I’m standing here at two a.m. What do you expect?” Robert scowled. “Have you … Continue reading Turnabout Is Fair Play


By Pam Crawford Having arrived in North Dakota mid-March, we immediately started looking for a warm place to live. Being creatures of habit, we migrated to the same neighborhood we settled on in the past few years. We scoped out the area while perched atop of a huge silver maple tree in front of what … Continue reading Snowbirds


By Judy A Knox A PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF NEED Excerpt from Dewdrops of Grace by Judy A. Knox I find myself continually amazed at how God shows us His love and grace through ordinary, everyday circumstances. Little examples of his care and protection come along almost every day, but every now and then one incident … Continue reading A PRESENT HELP


By Martha Jo Tisdale Martha Jo Walker, named for her two grandmothers, entered the world on Sunday, June 6, 1943 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  When Granny Walker answered the telephone and learned that “Martha Jo” had indeed arrived, she said, “I’ve never liked my name . . .until today.” The family moved to the small town … Continue reading MORE ABOUT MARTHA JO


By Martha Jo Tisdale Barbara was a little late making her Saturday morning call to her mother but after hearing all about the evening’s double date she wasn’t too surprised. Carla, Barbara’s roommate, had been trying to get her to commit to another blind date for months so actually was surprised she had, since she … Continue reading A BLIND DATE


By Marge Tisdel Burnstad My dad, a member of “The Greatest Generation,” wore many styles of boots. Each pair could tell a story of his sixty-six year journey of life.              Dad’s baby booties would reveal a child born to a prosperous farm family.             Life changed dramatically during the Great Depression. Dad’s boots were … Continue reading DAD’S BOOTS


By Carol Redmore We are, I am afraid, a disgrace to our neighborhood in Fountain of the Sun. The first incident occurred a couple of years ago; the other two were recent. But the first set the scene That happened a year or so ago when our granddaughter, Amanda, and her husband and two little … Continue reading DISGRACE


By Dorothy Tarpley Your words were thoughtless and hurtful, The tone of your voice sharp and cruel Your embarrassing tirade was childish, Only making you look like a fool What happened to make you so angry?