Word List

We are given a list of words (which we frequently generate as a group) and then we each write a story, article, or poem using those words.

Tourism of the Rich and Famous

by Randy Munch Oct/21 A Word List storey utilizing the following 15 words:                  space               kitchen              function           dinner              far-reaching                  window           power              radiant             match              natural                  camaraderie        replace          synthetic          choice              hydrate                           For many days during the year 2238, in Riverside, Iowa a small boy named Jimmy sits at the dinner … Continue reading Tourism of the Rich and Famous


By Henry Dumas March 14,2022 EXCITED HAPPY  POETRY  BELL LOGIC   FASCINATIN DANCING  HEART   TREE   LUDICROUS   THUNDER DEPRESSING   NATURE   TAXES The assignment: Write a story using the above list of the words. Steven was a good-looking, hard-working, taxpaying conservative meat-eater.  His friends were worried about him hanging out alone, so they set … Continue reading BLIND DATE


By Larry Meath Complete                          subscribe                          dictate Pumpkin                           ocean                                calendar Karaoke                            instrument                        railroad Scissors                            sunset                               society Barrel                                bicycle                              field Freddy stared at the calendar alert on the computer screen.  He had not forgotten about the date, but in order to take his mind off of the isolation he had endured for so long, … Continue reading CALENDAR ALERT