Our Writings


an ABC story is 26 sentences long. Each succeeding sentence begins with a different letter of the alphabet, the first sentence begins with ”A,” the second sentence with “B,” and so on.


Assigned topics could be something like a favorite movie or song, a memorable vacation, a letter to a famous (or not so famous) person, or even the message inside a fortune cookie. These are usually assigned to write at home, but occasionally are done spontaneously at the meetings.


A favorite activity is Round Robin stories, where we are all given a short starting paragraph that sort of leaves us hanging. We add a paragraph to the story, then pass our paper to the person on our left. We read the story we received from the person on the right, and then add another paragraph to it. This continues for an hour or so, until we decide the next paragraph will end the story. Then we each read the story we ended up with. We have yet to produce a literary masterpiece this way, but we always have a good time with it.


We are given a list of words (which we frequently generate as a group) and then we each write a story, article, or poem using those words.


On the first Monday of each month, instead of an assignment, we have what we call “Writers Choice.” For this we each choose our own topic. It could be an older piece of writing that we’ve never read to the group, or something new. Sometimes we do an earlier assignment that we missed, or we may bring a current work in progress.

The writings on this website are the opinions and property of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the group as a whole.