Randy Munch

A baby boomer that was born and raised in a small town in the Canadian Midwest. Following high school he completed an undergraduate degree and a post graduate degree in engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. He is married with three daughters, three grandchildren, and two great granddaughters. 

He and his wife have a dichotomy of passions for the arts.  She captures the beauty of everyday images around her and transforms them onto paper with water colors while he puts on paper his images of the defects in our society. While she has obvious talent he struggles as a novice writer who simply loves to write. 

During his working career Randy wrote numerous technical papers and a multitude of reports. Many of the reports were for politicians and were mandated to follow a strict format and be written suitable for a readership with a six grade education. Additionally any and all of those papers were to be entirely void of any editorializing. The Joy of Writing Club and its assignments frees him of those frustrating restrictions and gives him the joy of doing some editorializing. 

He and his wife are snowbirds who spend their winters in Fountain of the Sun. In addition to playing softball and golf he enjoys the works of the Club’s fellow authors, the discussions with them about their life experiences, and the observation of their varying writing styles and expertise. 

Sweet Memories

by Randy Munch On a driving vacation with our daughter and her husband we toured through Germany, Austria, and Hungary. While in Budapest we learned that the company that our daughter worked for had staff located there who reported directly to her. They insisted on showing us around the city. They arranged a candle lite … Continue reading Sweet Memories

Art Appreciation

by Randy Munch The Joy of Writing Club members were presented with a color photo of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting The Luncheon of the Boating Party. The assignment was to write an art appreciation essay on the masterpiece. However believing me, a linear thinking professional engineer, can write an intelligent dissertation on a Renoir masterpiece is … Continue reading Art Appreciation

Christmas Letter

by Randy Munch Well here I am writing my inaugural Christmas letter. My dearest spouse insists that only a total social Philistine would refuse to dispatch greetings to his family and friends at this special time of the year. As such I am composing with some fancy font to add a more personal touch and … Continue reading Christmas Letter

What’s in a Name

by Randy Munch Two of my daughters who are currently successful professionals in the IT industry attended Bedford Road collegiate which is a high school in a Canadian city of about 200,000. It was one of six high schools in the city and one of two that had a higher enrollment of First Nation students. … Continue reading What’s in a Name

Tourism of the Rich and Famous

by Randy Munch Oct/21 A Word List storey utilizing the following 15 words:                  space               kitchen              function           dinner              far-reaching                  window           power              radiant             match              natural                  camaraderie        replace          synthetic          choice              hydrate                           For many days during the year 2238, in Riverside, Iowa a small boy named Jimmy sits at the dinner … Continue reading Tourism of the Rich and Famous