Pam Bergman Crawford

Pam Crawford joined the Joy of Writing Club as it was finishing The Deadly Water Hazard book. She became one of the editors and is responsible for the title. Her entry won the book-naming contest in the community newspaper.

Pam is a retired attorney from North Dakota. In 2019 she and her husband they decided to spend winters in Mesa, Arizona where they settled into a condominium at the Fountain of the Sun. Ready to explore creative activities in retirement, Pam took up classical guitar, quilting, carried on with scrapbooking, and found this bright, interesting, and eclectic writing club.

Pam proceeded to write, capturing life experiences which she often shares with the writing club.

She wrote and published a children’s book in 2021 “Leia’s Adventure: Ring of Change” and it is available on amazon at:

A Deck of Playing Cards with Attitude

My brothers, sisters in law, nephews, and I gathered one Saturday night for a rousing evening of playing games. One game required several decks of cards, so we opened new packs and threw them in the mix and the game began. We had neglected to remove an information card from each deck and simply tossed…


By Pam Crawford Having arrived in North Dakota mid-March, we immediately started looking for a warm place to live. Being creatures of habit, we migrated to the same neighborhood we settled on in the past few years. We scoped out the area while perched atop of a huge silver maple tree in front of what…

The Cagey Bird

By Pam Bergman Crawford No sooner had the family left to watch their son’s hockey game, the cat, who had been casually sitting on the sofa watching out the window, sprang into action. He had been studying the birdcage for days. It was hung on a hook, firmly attached to the ceiling. Ha, ha, he…