Martha Jo Tisdale

Martha Jo Walker, named for her two grandmothers, entered the world on Sunday, June 6, 1943 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Walker family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1958. Martha Jo attended Arizona State University, majoring in business and minoring in English (her first love).

Married in 1963, Martha Jo lived in Durango, Colorado and then Grand Junction, where she held a number of interesting positions, mainly in banking and the insurance business.

In 1977, being the mother of three children with no child support and very little insurance benefits, Martha Jo moved to the small town of Brush, Colorado to work for Public Service Company of Colorado. 17 years later, she found a position as Registrar under the tutelage of the high school counselor, whose favorite activity was RVing! Martha Jo and her (new) husband were quick to purchase a pull trailer and followed Dorothy and Steve around full-time for eight years beginning in 2004.

Martha Jo joined Joy of Writing in 2015. Upon discovering her mother’s college scrapbook, she delighted to find that her writings mimicked those of her mother’s.

You can learn more details in her Writer’s Choice story “More About Martha Jo.”


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By Martha Jo Tisdale Martha Jo Walker, named for her two grandmothers, entered the world on Sunday, June 6, 1943 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  When Granny Walker answered the telephone and learned that “Martha Jo” had indeed arrived, she said, “I’ve never liked my name . . .until today.” The family moved to the small town … Continue reading MORE ABOUT MARTHA JO


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