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Larry Meath

Larry Meath was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, and is a third generation Alaskan. His grandparents met and married in Dawson during the gold rush of 1898 and then moved to Fairbanks in the early 1900’s where the family has lived since then.

Larry retired from public education in Alaska after teaching English for 29 years. He then taught for 12 more years at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in their teacher education program. He and his wife, Stephanie, currently spend roughly 6 months in both Alaska and Arizona, traveling back and forth with their pets.

Larry enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and golf as well as winter sports, especially curling. Both he and his wife are gardeners as well.

He has been an active member of The Joy of Writing since 2016. Larry also published a memoir of his fishing adventures in remote places in Alaska, Trustworthy Liars (available on Amazon) and was one of the authors of The Deadly Water Hazard.

It’s An Ant’s Life by Antonio, the ant

By Larry Meath (This was an activity in anthropomorphism, giving human characteristics to a non-human object.) Let’s start with this fact, there are lots of my relatives on planet earth.  Twenty quadrillion, give or take, by latest count.  Yeah, you heard me right–even though you probably have no idea how many that really is.  That’s…

What If

Topic:  What if By Larry Meath (The actual topic was “If Only” but failure to read carefully combined with old age resulted in the following poem. It happened so suddenly My ears had quit ringing As I stepped onto the deck And the birds had stopped singing. It struck me as odd That those sounds…

Springtime in Alaska

By Larry Meath (Topic:  Write about the season where you live or currently happen to be.) Alaska is not exactly a Hollywood Mecca as a movie setting, but in 1960 Alaskans were proudly surprised when John Wayne, the Duke, starred in a film roughly based on a Johnny Horton song, North To Alaska.  Horton must…


By Larry Meath Complete                          subscribe                          dictate Pumpkin                           ocean                                calendar Karaoke                            instrument                        railroad Scissors                            sunset                               society Barrel                                bicycle                              field Freddy stared at the calendar alert on the computer screen.  He had not forgotten about the date, but in order to take his mind off of the isolation he had endured for so long,…

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