Henry Dumas

Henry Dumas was born in 1949 in Midvale, Utah. He lives in West Jordan, Utah and spends his winters as a snowbird in Mesa, Arizona.
He believes most writers plan their life about writing. They take English and literature classes, join writing clubs, and become teachers or enter other writing fields.
Henry traveled a different path. He knew at a very young age he was going to be an electronic technician and never saw a need to improve his English or writing skills. He coasted through English classes doing the minimum required and spent his life doing what he loved, needing only basic writing skills.
Henry loves to tell exaggerated stories, tall tales, and little white lies. He wanted to write the stories he told on paper, but didn’t know how to get started.
Everything changed the day he stood in front of the Joy of Writing table at a craft fair and talked to several of the writers. They asked him to come to the class, and he went, “just to see.”
When that day arrived, he stood in the hallway and wondered if he could find the courage to walk into a room filled with strangers that more than likely were talented writers.
“Don’t worry,” he thought. “Just sit in class and listen. You don’t have to write.” When asked to write a personal story, he panicked. That’s when something weird happened. His hand wrote words on paper like it had a mind of its own. He jotted down several sentences and hoped they would be okay.
Henry can see how his writing has changed over the years compared to his first weeks. He wishes it was getting easier. It’s not.
Henry has never published his stories, but that has not stopped him from writing. He hopes for the day when he will see his name and author in the same sentence.
His writing is an adventurous journey that started with a thought and some courage.

On the porch.

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Old man wisdom

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Once upon a time

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My life in a song

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Turnabout Is Fair Play

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