By Carol Redmore

We are, I am afraid, a disgrace to our neighborhood in Fountain of the Sun.

The first incident occurred a couple of years ago; the other two were recent. But the first set the scene

That happened a year or so ago when our granddaughter,

Amanda, and her husband and two little boys were here visiting and staying in their RV. We kept their little Morkie, Boomer. One afternoon Amanda and her sister, Jenna, who lives here in Phoenix were here visiting when here was a knock on the door. Fred had taken the three little boys for a walk, and I thought they were playing a trick on me. Many years earlier, I had done pre-school our we had 4 grandchildren; when I had to go in the bathroom, they would knock on the door and growl. I would say, “Is that the big bad wolf?” Giggling and shuffling followed, and finally I would open the door a crack and call, “Is that big bad wolf out there?’

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