Carol Redmore

As a child, Carol Redmore aspired to be a ballet dancer and, in her spare time, to gallop on a fleet-footed horse across the plains. Instead, she taught English composition to community college freshmen—and loved it. Carol and her husband Fred have two sons and a daughter, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandsons. Family is their joy.

In addition to writing and reading, Carol is active in Audubon Society, enjoys book goups (especially with wine), and is passionate about social justice issues. She is especially interested in Native American and African American history and stories.

She was able to ride horses only on tame trail rides while on vacation, but would love to ride a horse one more time However, at 84, she can no longer get on a horse. Luckily, reading can take one anywhere—so with book in hand, off to a new adventure!


By Carol Redmore We are, I am afraid, a disgrace to our neighborhood in Fountain of the Sun. The first incident occurred a couple of years ago; the other two were recent. But the first set the scene That happened a year or so ago when our granddaughter, Amanda, and her husband and two little…