Never trust mother nature.

Writing assignment: An ABC story is 26 sentences long. Each succeeding sentence begins with a different letter of the alphabet, the first sentence begins with” A,” the second sentence with “B,” and so on.

May 20, 2023

By Henry Dumas


   “Are you sure you want to embark on a motorcycle ride this morning?” Robert asked.

    “Black clouds are forming on the horizon. I can see lightning bolts crashing to the ground like electric fingers. It looks dangerous out there. I don’t want to go.” Steven frowned.

      “Come on, let’s go. This is our last chance to ride motorcycles before winter storms cover the ground with snow and ice,” Robert replied.

       “Do you remember what happened the last time we rode in a rainstorm? Mother Nature tried to beat us to death with hailstones,” Steven scoffed.

       “Every time the weather gets rainy, you want to hide in your basement with doors and windows closed?”

        “For some reason you are afraid of mother nature,” he continued.

          “Getting wet is the most enjoyable part of riding a motorcycle, and dodging lightning bolts adds to the adventure. I always pack extra gear and take precautions. Changing the route and bypassing Mother Nature may be necessary. Especially if it rains.” Robert scowled.

       “Holy cow are you serious? You like to dodge lightning bolts?  I bet you love it when mother nature beats you to death with hailstones. Just wait and see. She will kick the crap out of us today.

      “I would be safer locked away in my basement.” Steven frowned.

       “Knowing what I know about mother nature,” he continued. “She is waiting on the other side of the mountain to ambush us the first chance she gets. I plan on being prepared. She’s not frying me today. I’m wearing my wire-covered vest with lightning rods on my helmet.”

     “Lighting rods on your helmet. You’ll look like German generals from an old black and white World War One movie.” Robert laughed.

     “Maybe I will look stupid.” He shook his head from side to side, mocking Robert. “At least I’ll be safe. She can electrocute you.”  

     “No one is getting electrocuted or killed by hailstones. Robert sighed. I had a long talk with Mother Nature last night. I promised not to call her a name or shake my fist in the air at her. She promised to give us a free pass on our ride today.”

     “Oh boy,” Steven scoffed. “You believed her. It turns out you’re dumber than I thought. She has made and broken more promises than I can count. Pack your first aid kit because you will need it.”

      “Quit stalling and get ready.” Robert huffed. “Mother Nature gave me a small window of opportunity to ride today. She said it wouldn’t rain for several hours. So, let’s get going.” 

        Robert and Steven turned the ignition keys and pushed the starter button. Their motorcycles roared to life, and thunderous tail pipes filled the air. They pulled hard on the throttle. Their rear tires spun on the cement driveway, leaving a cloud of grayish smoke and a black skid mark on the cement.

      Several crows scattered from a nearby tree in all directions. Squawking as they flew away.

     “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives,” Robert shouted over the loud motorcycle tail pipes, as they raced toward the unknown.

      Up above them storm clouds gathered in the darkening skies.

       Vast amounts of rain clouds formed on the horizon like giant gray whales slowly moving toward the two men.

       “Woo-hoo!” they shouted like kids in a candy store as they roared down the street toward the danger.

        Xenon gas filled the air so thick and wet they could taste it like cheap wine as it covered their bodies like a wet blanket.

        “Yeah, that’s more like it. That’s what I have been waiting for,” Robert scowled. He shook his fist in the air. “Mother Nature you are a….”

       Zap. There was a bright flash of light followed by a loud thunderclap. Steven experienced temporary blindness because of the bright light flash. When his eyes clear, he looks for Robert. Robert is gone and all that remains is a burning black motorcycle and a smoking boot.