By Dorothy Tarpley

Your words were thoughtless and hurtful,

The tone of your voice sharp and cruel

Your embarrassing tirade was childish,

Only making you look like a fool

What happened to make you so angry?

Did someone do harm to you first?

Your wounds have not healed, they have trapped you

Till they do, you are bound to be cursed

Love withheld is a powerful punishment

We need love to nourish our soul

Without it we wither and grow bitter,

Leaving nothing but a wide gaping hole

If its love that you need, let me share some,

For I have been loved all my life

When you’re nourished and thought of as valued,

There’s no longer those feelings of strife

Let’s start over with this conversation,

Using words that convey what we need

We can hope for a healing experience

Without rancor, let’s first plant the seed

Let’s look for the best in each other,

Try seeing what we may have missed

Count the ways we make positive connections

In our heads let’s start making a list

Take the time to sit down and listen

Begin to break down that wall

Maybe then we’ll be more understanding

Perhaps love is the key after all