~ Quick Tips Guide

This article was a first draft experiment to try the new Joy of Writing system.

I tried to “publish” the first short draft to see if it showed up on the foswrite site. It did. 😉 So I then tried to edit and add a few words to what I first wrote. I discovered the “Write” button at the top of the screen was the way to access and edit the article. On May 6, I came back to add a little more content (below).

Kirsten provided a helpful pdf document titled: “Posting to” which included screen shots to guide us in how to use this system. While that is all very helpful, I distilled that explanation to the following concise list of the 7 key steps that she described. She advised us to be sure to insert a “Read more” button to compress long articles.

  1. Go to: > Login (upper right corner).
  2. Click Posts (left column). Select a previous post to Edit
    or Click on: Add new post (pink button rt-side of screen.
  3. Click in Title Space and add Title.
    Then Click in: Type / to choose a block and type your story
    or rt-click and paste a copied story here.
  4. Click Categories > down arrow to select YOUR NAME and WRITING TYPE.
  5. Hover cursor between 1st & 2nd paragraphs and click “+” to add block.
  6. Type “more” and insert “READ MORE” into your story.
  7. Click Publish (top right corner

Still have lots to learn, and need lots of practice, but I hope this abbreviated recap of key steps may be helpful to others.