FOS Joy of Writing

Who We Are

We’re a congenial assortment of writers at all levels of experience — from beginners to published authors, and many levels in between. Our wide range of interests and life experiences bring variety to what we write.

Our Purpose

To have fun writing and sharing what we’ve written, and to give each other ideas and encouragement. We’re not a critique group.

What We Do

Our activities vary, including but not limited to:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Impromptu Writing (at the meeting)
  • Assigned Topics (written at home)
  • Round Robin Stories
  • Long-term Individual and Group Projects
  • Writer’s Choice — A monthly opportunity to showcase personal writings

In May 2021 The Deadly Water Hazard, our group-written cozy mystery, was published on Amazon. Proceeds from sales go to the FOS Library for purchase of new mystery books. Due to popular request, we are currently planning on a sequel.

When and Where We Meet

We meet every Tuesday at 10am in the Fountain of the Sun Activities Center ceramics room most of the year and on Zoom during the summer.

Fountain of the Sun – Activities Center – 560 S 80th St – Mesa, AZ 85208

The writings on this website are the opinions and property of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the group as a whole.